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What are iPad accessories good for?

cool ipad caseThe Apple iPad is a great device, and you are a lucky person if you have already bought one for yourself. It is a tablet computer that will let you browse the internet, and do basic computer operation. Apple has already sold over 1 million iPad devices. Yes, the iPad is probably a bit more expensive than other tablet computers, but you pay for the high quality of Apple products (of course you also pay for the brand itself). Your wonderful iPad will become an even more wonderful device if you decide to buy iPad accessories.

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iPhone 3GS Supreme – expensive cell phone worth over $ 3 mln

phone 3gs supreme expensive cell phone

Goldstriker International is a company which specialize in luxury cell phones dressing such as gold and platinum covering.  They has just created probably the most luxurious and expensive cell phone in the world – iPhone 3GS Supreme.

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ZAGG invisible SHIELD: Military Technology Protecting Your iPhone

zagg invisible shield

If you want to protect your iPhone from accumulating any ugly scratches, but don’t want to put a bulky cover over top of it, then you’re going to loveo the ZAGG invisible SHIELD.

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The Apple Wireless Keyboard: Another excellent gadget, and IDEA 2008 Gold Winner

apple wireless keyboard

As always, the people at Apple have come out with another excellent computer accessory. The new Apple Wireless Keyboard sports a compact design, low-profile keys, ultra-thin anodized aluminum enclosure and a highly responsive feel when being used.

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Apple triBook, bringing more screen space in a smaller package

Apple triBook

Sure, we all like our laptops to be small and portable, but we have having small screens that go with them! The Apple triBook tries to tackle that problem, by creating a fold-out expansion to the main laptop screen, giving you more viewing space while still remaining compact and lightweight. This will be a great bonus for many people who oftentimes find themselves running short on screen space.

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Big revolution in a small package: Apple iPod nano

Of course, the iPod has been a hit ever since it hit the markets, and every reincarnation of this popular multimedia wonder has been a revolutionary take on the original. The iPod nano is no different, bringing video that fits in the palm of your hand. With the iPod nano you can enjoy all of your favourite TV shows, movies, podcasts and much more on the larger, brighter display with absolutely incredible picture quality.  Read the rest of this entry »

Next evolution: The Apple iPod touch

The iPod was a revolution in personal media players, and the iPhone was a revolution in smartphone interfaces, so it only makes sense that Apple takes advantage and bring you both revolutions together in the new iPod touch. Instead of the now common Click Wheel found on older iPod models, the iPod touch allows you to use your finger to command your iPod, looking through your photos, music and videos. You can even use two fingers at once, commanding the menu to zoom in or out of photos and web pages (yes, this iPod can also access the internet!) With built-in Wi-Fi capability, this iPod can now get online, and even download music and videos directly from the iTunes Wi-Fi Store.  Read the rest of this entry »

Apple new iPhone 3G projector

It may be nice to fit all of our favourite movies in the palm of our hand, but who really wants to watch those flicks on the tiny screen of an iPhone? Now you’ve got another option with this video projector; it incorporates an iPhone dock which lets you plug in and project your video onto any flat surface, expanding your video to 15-27 inches. The unit also contains a set of 2W stereo speakers to complete the experience.

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