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Nordweco INOTE – an Interacative Pen

nordweco inote

Nordweco has expanded their offer with an innovative solution for business and education – an interactive pen called Inote.

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Toshiba Satellite Pro L510 – A Notebook for Business

toshiba satellite pro l510

Toshiba has expanded their offer with the new Satellite Pro series notebooks. This is a professional model designed for the business segment.

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LG HX300G Projector – a Great Solution for All Types of Presentations

lg hx300g projector

The new LG  HX300G includes an innovative projector illuminated with LEDs to offer live colors and longer working time – up to even 30.000 hours. Using a 300 ANSI lumens brightness, the device is a great solution for displaying videos in dark rooms without any distortions.
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A vibrating bracelet to notice of incoming calls

vibrating bracelet

This stylish Bracelet solves the problem of most business people of having their phone buried somewhere by giving their wrist a buzz “Vibration” when any calls in.

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Samsung MBP2f00 – a pocket cinema

samsung mbp2f00 pocket cinema

Samsung MBP2f00 has dimensions of 109.7 x 48.8 x 19 mm and a mini-stand for better comfort of using. Samsung MBP2f00 is a multifunctional device – it’s useful not only during a business conference but also on a meeting with friends, as a pocket-cinema.

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Canon X Mark 1 – a solar-powered calculator


Canon X Mark 1 was created for business and professionals. It comes in glossy black or white case and the device itself is thin but solid.  X Mark 1 is also Canon’s first business calculator to work by solar power alone, without the need for back-up batteries which the majority of solar powered calculators on the market include.

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Xaos Gamma – the encrypting phone

xaos gamma

Even is somebody has the means to eavesdrop on your phone conversation, they won’t hear much – only static and meaningless noise. This is how Xaos Gamma works.

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Lenovo Thinkcentre A62

lenovo thinkcentre a62

Lenovo Thinkcentre A62 is a perfect offer for business clients. It has applied the Dash 1.1 mechanism for remote management and Express Repair function for immediate removal of many system errors.

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