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Pin Art – cool looking 3D copy of almost any object you can think of

Pin ArtThe usefulness of a pin cannot be overstated: they help your hair in place, ease your aches and pains when in the hands of an acupuncturist, and even help wake that sleepy family member in a pinch. But can pins be used for art? Well certainly!

Pin Art will let you create a cool looking 3D copy of almost any object you can think of! Try your hands, your face, the kitchen magnets, anything you want, you’ll be amazed at how well these pins copy almost any shape. Designed from over 2000 specially manufactured pins, which move about in response to pressure, they’ll go from a flat surface to a fun model in just seconds. Read the rest of this entry »

Green Laser Pointer

Green Laser PointerThe perfect addition to any presentation, this 532 nm green laser is incredibly useful for pointing out the highlights of your slideshows. Unlike a red laser, the green color stands out, and can even be seen as a ‘beam’ of light in the dark, helping to direct attention wherever you need. This makes the green laser a must for any astronomy enthusiasts, allowing you to shoot a green beam of light up at the constellations for a really cool light show. As an added perk, the green light can be seen at distances even greater than the traditional red pointer. Read the rest of this entry »

Glow brick

Glow brickCheck out this unique and amazing little light!

You have got to see it to believe it: a little brick with a glowing center. Alien technology? No, just really cool! The Glow Brick contains a small light bulb inside of it, and is actually recharged by absorbing the natural sunlight during the day, allowing it to glow at night!

Everyone wonders how it works, so hereĺs the scoop: the light bulb inside the brick contains a special glow-in-the-dark pigment, allowing it to recharge using the ambient light. The brick itself is made up of Acrylic resin, which creates an optical effect when the light bulb shines as the light diffracts between the spaces between the bulb and the resin.

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