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High-tech Venus Flytrap for young Entemologist

venus flytrap

The Venus Fly Trap is a specially designed bug trap with a motion sensor, able to spring the trap when a bug travels too far inside.

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Model Jet Works Engine from Discovery

discovery jet works engine

Alright, so this model jet engine may not have the power to hurtle you through the skies at the speed of sound, but it’ll certainly give your kid a good view of what happens inside of those powerful engines.

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Macro Microscope for kids, from Discovery

discovery macro microscope for kids

There is a beautiful and amazing microscopic world all around, just waiting to be discovered by your child; all they need are the right tools!

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Discovery Robot In My Room will be your kid’s robo-banker!

discovery robot in my room

Now you can give your kids their own robotic banker! This little robot is great for kids ages 8-12, and helps them to learn the importance of saving money by sounding off with more than 50 possible humorous phrases every time a coin is deposited. Your child will be treated to a wise-crack every time they drop in a coin!
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