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Manta MM 82 KARI – Portable Charger and Flashlight in One

manta mm 82 kari

MM 82 KARI is a charger with a LED lighter that uses a cigarette lighter socket. The main idea behind the device was to use the car lighter socket for charging electronic devices in every emergency – that’s why Kari comes with two USB ports.

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Samsung Solid B2100 – the Adventurer’s Cell Phone

samsung solid b2100

B2100 is the newest release of Solid series – the mobile cell phones designed for the most extreme conditions.

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Evolve Survivor – a cell phone for a real survivor

evolve survivor cell phone

Evolve Survivor is designed and developed for those who expect their cell will survive rude handling and/or extreme conditions. You can use it in extreme weather condition, at a building site, while doing sports or even in a jungle.

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Bring a bright light anywhere with the Power Plus Shark Waterproof Wind up Torch and Mobile Charger


You’ll never be stuck blind in the dark again with the Power Plus Shark waterproof wind-up torch, which allows you to carry a bright LED light with you wherever you go. Use it in one of two operating  modes: 2 conventional 5mm LEDs, or a single, powerful 1W LED with a high-beam intensity that is visible from 10 kilometers away!

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Flashlight Multimedia Player? Yep!

Flashlight Multimedia Player

Here’s an original idea, and you’re going to love it: a multimedia player with easy-to-use controls, and capable of taking your interface, pictures and movies off your computer screen and projecting them onto a wall! Not only does it work as a projector, but it also comes with wireless ear buds and a special dock, allowing you to listen to your music or soundtrack by yourself, or let everyone else enjoy the sights and sounds with you! Read the rest of this entry »