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Toilet Golf: Practice Putting while on the Porcelain

toilet golf

If you’re tired of reading dull books while sitting on the John, then you’re going to love the Toilet Golf bath mat! This mat fits perfectly around the base of any toilet, and comes complete with two golf balls, a putting stick and a cup with a flag.

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Nest 8-Piece Bowl Set: Colorful, Convenient Kitchen Supplies

nest 8 piece bowl set

Space can be a major concern for anybody living in a small house or apartment. To this end, the folks at UK’s Joseph Joseph have put their heads together and come up with some new kitchen fundamentals which can help you stock up on your cooking tools without taking up too much space, and looking great all the while.

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Use the Aurora Palette northern lights lamp to light up your life!

aurora palette northern lights lamp

Your imagination is capable of taking you from wherever you are to wherever your dreams can take you! Now, let your mind drift off to fantasy lands with the Aurora Palette northern lights lamp to guide the way.

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The V – Fit Mini Twist Stepper Will Get You Into Shape

v fit mini twist stepper

If your goal is to get into phenomenal shape, without having to leave your own home, then you need to get the right tools! I highly recommend you try out the V – Fit Mini Twist Stepper with Bungee Cords.

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The Banana cell phone holder – more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

banana cell phone holder

Your friends may say that you like to monkey around a lot, so why not prove them right by sporting this hilarious banana cell phone cover from Nanaco? You’re sure to attract curious stares from people passing by as you hold a conversation with a banana held to your ear!

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Avast! Take to the high sease with your own radio controlled Pirates of the Caribbean Ship!

radio control pirate ship boat

With this fully functional RC pirate ship boat, you’ll feel like strapping on your cutlass and hitting the high seas in search of booty! This particular boat, though, is better equipped to travel around on pools, ponds and smaller lakes, rather than the actual ocean.

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Official Nintendo Wii Wheel: Have even more fun with your Wii racing games


With the Official Nintendo Wii Wheel in your hands, you’ll feel like you’re actually inside of your favourite racing game, screaming down the track at blistering speeds!

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Wii Remote Controller: The key to a world of Wii fun

wii remote controller

The Wii Remote Controller was the next new innovation from the folks at Nintendo, setting their latest gaming system, the Wii, apart from all other contenders by making gaming accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

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