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Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR808HG – a solar powered weather station

oregon scientific weather station bar808hg

Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR208HG provides a weather forecast for the next 12 days and weather alerts.

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Electric Wine Opener: Pop the cork without trouble

electric wine opener

Regular old wine-openers can be a pain to operate, so why not upgrade to this easy-to-use Electric Wine Opener, which makes opening your favourite bottles easy?

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Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger: Harness the power of the wind

mini wind generator battery charger

Solar-powered battery chargers have become quite popular, but the environmentalist inventors haven’t stopped there! Check out the new Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger!
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Nest 8-Piece Bowl Set: Colorful, Convenient Kitchen Supplies

nest 8 piece bowl set

Space can be a major concern for anybody living in a small house or apartment. To this end, the folks at UK’s Joseph Joseph have put their heads together and come up with some new kitchen fundamentals which can help you stock up on your cooking tools without taking up too much space, and looking great all the while.

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Never get too much sun with the Minox Suntimer

minox suntimer

It is always important to avoid too much exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun, and the MINOX Suntimer™ is a great tool which will notify the wearer of the maximum amount of time for safe exposure to sunlight.

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Nite Coaster – something for midnight thirst


Nite Coaster is an illuminated glass or bottle coaster which will help us to find it in darkness.

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Homer Simpson is big, and stretches to inhuman proportions!

Homer Simpson

This lovable Homer Simpson doll can stretch, bend, twist and flex in ways the ‘real’ Homer Simpson never could (he’d have a hard time even touching his toes!)

This will make a great gift for any Simpsons fan, or get one for yourself! Anyone would love to have their own yellow oaf, stripped down to his famous white underpants. This wonderful little Simpsons novelty souvenir measures 380mm, and its specially designed corn syrup innards and flexible material to mean that you can twist, bend, stretch and flex the famous Homer Simpson up to three times his original size. Pretty incredible, considering just how big he is to begin with! Read the rest of this entry »

Name a Star!

Name a starEver wanted to give a gift that was truly out of this world? Well, now you literally can, with the Name a Star gift box! This incredibly original gift will provide you with everything you need to dedicate a star to whatever or whomever you wish! Pick any name you want and use the gift box to notify The British Library of its joyful christening, and rest happily knowing that you’ve named one of the lights in the heavens.

The Name a Star gift set comes in a stylish, luxury metal gift box, and contains the coordinates of one special star, which is now your star to name whatever you want! The coordinates also come with a set of directions, allowing you to locate your star to point out to all of your friends (or that special someone who you’d like to dedicate the star to!) Also included is a giant wall map and information about the characteristics of your particular star. In addition, you’ll receive a presentation certificate, pen and astronomy booklet. This is truly an extraordinary gift and wonderful opportunity to give something which is truly unique: one star in the heavens! Read the rest of this entry »