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Mobiado Classic 712GCB – a Premium Mobile Phone for all you Luxury Lovers

mobiado classic 712gcb luxury cell phone

Mobiado Classic 712GCB comes with 2.2-inch QVGA display, a 5 Mpix flash camera, GPS, 3G connectivity, a music player and a web browser.

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iPhone 3GS Supreme – expensive cell phone worth over $ 3 mln

phone 3gs supreme expensive cell phone

Goldstriker International is a company which specialize in luxury cell phones dressing such as gold and platinum covering.  They has just created probably the most luxurious and expensive cell phone in the world – iPhone 3GS Supreme.

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Wilk Elektronik GOODDRIVE Edge Flash Drive

wilk elektronik gooddrive edge flash drive

Wilk Elektronik GOODDRIVE Edge flash drive are memories with colourful, aluminum cases. Each colour indicates a different capacity.

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New flash memories from Apacer – Handy Steno AH 522

apacer handy steno ah 522

Apacer has announced a new series of flash memory devices from the Handy Steno family, code-named AH 522. The series includes two models with 8GB and 16GB capacity.

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MP3 player made of amber – VEDIA Idunn A10

vedia idunn A10 mp3 player made of amber

VEDIA Idunn A1 is a unique MP3 player designed by a well-known polish jeweller – Jaroslaw Westermark. The device is hand-made of Baltic amber, high-grade silver and gold.

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Vertu Solid-Gold Boucheron 150 Cellphone: For the really, really rich among us

Vertu Solid Gold Boucheron 150 Cellphone

The cellphones designed by the people at Vertu are typically high-end luxury phones, created with highly stylized designed and impossibly expensive price tags, and the latest phone is no different.

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