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Push2TV HD from Netgear

netgear push2tv hd

Netgear has just presented their new Push2TV HD series TV adapter.

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Lumie Bright spark lamp – helps prevent the Winter Blues

lumie bright spark lamp

It starts usually in September and lasts until April and it is caused by lack of light. The pineal gland produces a substance called melatonin to make most of us drowsy.

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Netgear EVA2000 – HD movies directly from Internet on your home TV

netgear eva2000

EVA2000 is a small device which looks like a regular router and allows the user to enjoy the multimedia stored on the PC or external USB on the big screen TV.

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Solar Powered Courtesy Light: Power of the Sun, Available at Night

solar powered courtesy light

If you’re finding your home to be badly lit outdoors once the sun has gone down, then you may want to consider purchasing the Solar Powered Courtesy Light. Not only is it easy to set up, convenient and require only solar power to charge its batteries during the day, but it will help keep you and your family safe when coming home in the evenings.
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Customizable Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain Provides Your Pet with Clean Water How They Like It

drinkwell 360 water fountain

Just like you, your pet needs to have a healthy supply of water every day, and a water fountain can help keep your pet happy and hydrated. Free-falling water is preferred by most pets over stagnant water like they may get from a feeding bowl, and the Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain works to provide your pet with exactly what they want.

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Orgel Spa Bath Music Box: Fun And Tunes in the Tub

orgel spa bath music box

The Orgel Music Box Spa is both fun and useful, and certainly one of those sorts of things that would only come from the mind of yet another creative Japanese inventor. This mechanical music box has been designed to be used inside of the bathtub, making use of the water to amplify the music and carry the sound into the air. With the built-in three-minute timer for bathtime routines, and being completely submersible (and using only a pull-string to operate), this would be a perfect addition to bathtime, for the kid in all of us.
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Sega Toys Homestar Extra planetarium – The Best Planetarium You’ll Ever Find For Your Own Home

sega toys homestar extra planetarium

You need look no further; believe us when we tell you that the Homestar Extra planetarium is the most advanced home planetarium available to consumers today! Capable of projecting over 10 times as many stars as the older Homestar Pro model, is also provides powerful illumination (over 5 times as much as the previous model), allowing you to see the projections even in dim lighting conditions (rather than requiring completely dark surroundings).

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The Digital Innovations 10185 Skip Dr. Motorized AutoMax Scratch Repair System makes fixing your damaged CDs and DVDs easy

dr motorized automax scratch repair system

The biggest problem with CDs, DVDs and many video games is the constant danger posed by scratches on their surfaces. Now, with the AutoMax disc repair system, those are worries of the past!

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