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Save your old videos with the ION USB VHS tape converter

usb vhs tape converter

Many of us have some of our favourite movies or family films hidden somewhere at home on VHS, wondering what we’re going to do with them all now that VCRs are considered relics. Fear not, because with this ION USB VHS tape converter, you can turn any of your old films into digital files, which will work with your computer, iPod or smart phone.

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Digitize your old cassettes with the ION USB Cassette Recorder TAPE2PC

ION USB Cassette Recorder TAPE2PC

The new Ion USB Cassette Recorder, the TAPE2PC, provides you with a dual-dubbing cassette deck which allows you to easily convert old cassette recordings into a digital format for storage on your PC or external drive. It is also fully compatible with iTunes, if you prefer.

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