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Tokyoflash Kisai Traffic


The Japanese are definitely the masters in inventing crazy gadgets. The popular Tokyoflash watches, on which reading the hour is almost impossible, can be a great example.

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iRiver S100 Panorama

iriver s100 panorama

iRiver has just launched in Japan their new portable multimedia player – S100 Panorama.

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Toffy TF62-DMC – pocket camera for women

toffy tf62 dmc

The new TF62-DMC pocket camera is now available on the Japanese market. This little thing weights only 100 g and comes in four color versions: pink, green, brown and white.
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Samsung N310 Netbook: A computer that kills germs!

samsung n310 netbook

We’ve heard of software that kills viruses, but a netbook that kills bacteria? Indeed, Samsung has unveiled the N310 netbook, created by Japanese designmeister Naoto Fukasawa, which can appeal to even the cleanliest individuals.

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Yamaha TSX-W80 and TSX-70 – iPhone docking alarm clocks

yamaha tsx w80 iphone docking alarm clock

Yamaha launches in Japan the TSX-W80 and TSX-70 iPod speaker docks. The 2.1-channel speaker system offers 4Wx2 stereo output and 8W 75Hz – 20kHz subwoofer.

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Panasonic Moon Jewel

panasonic moon jewel

A new great gadget has just appeared on Japanese market and on the Internet – it’s called “Moon Jewel” and it came from Panasonic.

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Orgel Spa Bath Music Box: Fun And Tunes in the Tub

orgel spa bath music box

The Orgel Music Box Spa is both fun and useful, and certainly one of those sorts of things that would only come from the mind of yet another creative Japanese inventor. This mechanical music box has been designed to be used inside of the bathtub, making use of the water to amplify the music and carry the sound into the air. With the built-in three-minute timer for bathtime routines, and being completely submersible (and using only a pull-string to operate), this would be a perfect addition to bathtime, for the kid in all of us.
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Use the Aurora Palette northern lights lamp to light up your life!

aurora palette northern lights lamp

Your imagination is capable of taking you from wherever you are to wherever your dreams can take you! Now, let your mind drift off to fantasy lands with the Aurora Palette northern lights lamp to guide the way.

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