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Social Network Access Keyboard – Facebook dedicated keyboard

social network access keyboard

Social Keyboards created the Social Network Access Keyboard (SNAK) intended for all you Facebook addicts.

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Motorola HS1001 – an Android Home Phone

motorola hs1001

Motorola HS1001 is probably a first home phone with a 1.6 Android operating system.

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GURUBoard – a comfortable keyboard for professionals

guruboard comfortable keyboard for professionals

Absolute Software GmbH is a German company which designed GURUBoard –  the new keyboard with an integrated pointing stick to control your mouse.

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Vioguard UVKB50 – self-sanitizing keyboard

vioguard uvkb50 e28093 self sanitizing keyboard

The new Vioguard UVKB50 has an automatic disinfection mode. The UVKB50 floods the keyboard with germicidal light from a 50W UV light source automatically after every use without any user intervention.

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The Apple Wireless Keyboard: Another excellent gadget, and IDEA 2008 Gold Winner

apple wireless keyboard

As always, the people at Apple have come out with another excellent computer accessory. The new Apple Wireless Keyboard sports a compact design, low-profile keys, ultra-thin anodized aluminum enclosure and a highly responsive feel when being used.

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OCZ Alchemy Illuminati – illuminated gaming keyboard

ocz alchemy illuminati gaming keyboard

OCZ is best known as a RAM memory manufacturer but now they prepared something for all gaming maniacs.

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Belkin gaming keyboard n52te – Every Gamer’s Best Friend

The hybrid gaming keyboard from Belkin, labelled as the n52te, is specifically designed to help you dominate in the digital universe, giving you the ultimate platform for playing everything from first-person shooters to your favourite MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game).

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Cooling Keyboard and Mouse from Thanko

Cooling Keyboard

We all hate the sweaty palms we get when working on our computer keyboards and mouse. Thanks to Thanko, you don’t have to deal with that anymore, because they’ve released a keyboard and mouse combo, each with a built-in fan to keep your working hands nice and cool.

This Japanese product from Thanko is being sold for 6,650 yen, equivalent to around $62, plus the shipping to get it to your doorstep. Even though it might be nice to avoid that sweaty-hand syndrome, that’s quite an investment. Still, if you don’t mind having your nifty gadgets shipped from around the world, you can still get a pair for yourself. The rest of us will simply have to deal with those little desktop fans.