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Finger conditioning

Reaction time is everything when it comes to winning in any fight-based computer game. You’ve got to keep your mind sharp and your fingers twitching if you’re going to come out on top, and the Xtensor Geek Hand Exerciser specifically caters to the hard-core gamer who wants to unite his mind and digits, allowing them to become the ultimate video-game weapon.

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ACM-R5 – amphibious robotic snake

ACM-R5 Robot Snake

The Hirose Fukushima Lab in Japan has unveiled its latest creation: the ACM-R5, an incredible amphibious robotic snake.

The ACM-R5 uses special paddles and wheels mounted around its body to propel itself through water and over ground in a truly snake-like fashion, generating propulsive force to allow it to glide freely in the tangential direction but not the normal direction, just like a real snake.

Each joint in the ACM-R5 contains a CPU, battery and individual motors, and all of the joints can operate independently. The control system allows these units to communicate via exchanged signals, so that the units can work together to provide locomotion as a whole. Read the rest of this entry »