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Progressive International Microwavable S’Mores Maker: Campfire Treats in Your Kitchen

progressive international microwavable smores maker

S’mores have been a favorite snack for generations, and with the Microwave S’mores Maker you can quickly whip up two S’mores in less than a minute! By simply adding water, this innovative design will ensure even heating over your crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.

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Iwavecube Personal Microwave

Iwavecube microvaweFinally, your own personal microwave! The amazing Iwavecube Personal Microwave gives you the power to heat up your cold coffee, warm your lunch or pop your popcorn. The greatest part is, this mini microwave can fit almost anywhere, which means you can keep it right at your desk, avoiding all those troublesome trips to the kitchen and lining up to use the company microwave.

Packed with all of the same features available in conventional microwaves, the Iwavecube Personal Microwave takes up only one cubic foot of space! It will fit almost anywhere, so you can plug it in wherever you need it the most, from your workplace to your home or dorm room.

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