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Samsung Corby II GT-S3850


At the latest Samsung SEA forum in Singapore the new Corby II (GT-S3850) mobile phone was presented.

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NTT DoCoMo – eye control headphones

ntt docomo eye controlled headphones

Researchers at NTT DoCoMo have developed a set of prototype in-ear headphones that can detect and measures changes in the body’s electrical state that take place when your eyes move, and have harnessed this technology to control the MP3 player on a mobile phone.

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LG Watch Phone – a watch and a phone in one

lg watch phone

Watch Phone LG is the first 3G phone in shape of a watch, formerly reserved for spy movies, now available for all gadget lovers and mobile phone freaks.

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Samsung Corby – first full touch designer mobile phone for youth market

samsung corby

Samsung Corby is the newly announced full-touch mobile phone addressed for young people. It’s available in bold color options.

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A vibrating bracelet to notice of incoming calls

vibrating bracelet

This stylish Bracelet solves the problem of most business people of having their phone buried somewhere by giving their wrist a buzz “Vibration” when any calls in.

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Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger: Harness the power of the wind

mini wind generator battery charger

Solar-powered battery chargers have become quite popular, but the environmentalist inventors haven’t stopped there! Check out the new Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger!
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Evolve Survivor – a cell phone for a real survivor

evolve survivor cell phone

Evolve Survivor is designed and developed for those who expect their cell will survive rude handling and/or extreme conditions. You can use it in extreme weather condition, at a building site, while doing sports or even in a jungle.

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Samsung Blue Earth – the first solar-powered phone with a touchscreen.

samsung blue earth

Blue Earth is the new phone from the Korean manufacturer and it’s the first solar-powered phone to have a full touchscreen.

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