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Mint Cube – Retro MP3 Player

mint cube retro mp3 player

Mint Cube is a MP3 player designed and built by Mintpass studio. It has three analog meters and each one of them shows different indicators (battery level, volume level etc.).

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Samsung M5650 Music Phone

samsung m5650 music phone

Samsung has expanded their mobile phone line with the new M5650 model.

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Samsung Solid B2100 – the Adventurer’s Cell Phone

samsung solid b2100

B2100 is the newest release of Solid series – the mobile cell phones designed for the most extreme conditions.

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Pentagram Vanquish VOLT 8GB MP3 player


Pentagram Vanquish VOLT  is equipped with small OLED display, which gives the user as much as 96 hours of continuous playback. A built-in micro-SD memory card slot enables a storage option for your favourite music, movies and data up to 8 GB. Other handy features are FM radio, FM transmitter, a voice recorder or a clock.


MP3 player made of amber – VEDIA Idunn A10

vedia idunn A10 mp3 player made of amber

VEDIA Idunn A1 is a unique MP3 player designed by a well-known polish jeweller – Jaroslaw Westermark. The device is hand-made of Baltic amber, high-grade silver and gold.

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The Ghetto Blaster is back, now for your iPod! Presenting: The Fred Flare

ipod ghetto blaster

Ghetto blasters had their hay-day in the eighties, but are making a strong comeback as people try to find different and stylish sound systems that will work with their iPods and MP3 players. The Fred Flare is an excellent option, and makes for a great gift for any music lover.

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The new iRiver’s Mickey Mouse MPLAYER mp3 player

 iRiver Mickey Mouse  MPLAYER mp3 player

The MPLAYER from iRiver is the new, official Mickey Mouse Audio Player, and is now available, being sold in Korea at the moment and soon to cross the border for sale right here at home. Of course, you don’t have to wait, since you can always just order online.

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Mobile Solar Charger For All Your Gadgets

With the Solar Charger, you can recharge almost any mobile phone, MP3 player or other device, no matter where you are; all you need is a little sunshine!The solar panel is completely self-sufficient, capable of charging itself in the daylight and will store enough power for about two hours of talk time on your mobile, or for six hours of iPod listening time.

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