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Nokia CK-600 – a Driver’s Best Friend

nokia ck 600

Beside its general purpose, Nokia CK-600 also provides its user with several functions such as color display, fast access to the favorite tracks or contacts and playing music while driving.

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Nokia FM Transmitter CA-300: Your Tunes On the Airwaves to Your Car

nokia fm transmitter ca 300

You can now share all of your favorite tunes on your MP3 player with whoever is riding in the car with you, by using the Nokia FM Transmitter CA-300 to transmit music from your MP3 device or compatible Nokia mobile device directly to your car’s FM radio!

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The Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Limited Edition Phone

The new Nokia N96 Bruce Lee limited edition phone packs almost as much punch as its namesake. Each handset has Bruce Lee’s face and signature on the back case, and you’ll find that it comes packed with many rarely before seen photos of the legendary King of Kung Fu. Additional accessories, and a Bruce Lee doll, made by a company called Enterbay, help to top off the package.
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Nokia N95 Smartphone

Based on the world-leading S60 software with a Symbian operating system, the Nokia N95 is a very clever and amazing smartphone with a two-way slider opening mechanism. That means you can open the Nokia N95 by sliding the screen up or sideways to reveal a backlit keypad with a regular keyboard for quick texting, with ridges to make it easy to type fast. On the opposite side of the phone you’ll have a column of four music playback control buttons at your fingertips, allowing for easy control when listening to your favourite tunes.  Read the rest of this entry »

New and improved: The Nokia N810 Tablet

Nokia has recently released the N810 Internet Tablet, making a great many impressive improvements over its predecessor, the N800. The new tablet is still easy to use, and certainly an impressive multimedia/communications device, featuring a 4.1 inch touchscreen with an 800×400 pixel resolution and 65k colors.

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Nokia Aeon – concept phone with full surface screen

The new Aeon from the research and development teams at Nokia is quite impressive to look at. Its most prominent feature is its touchscreen which covers the complete surface of the phone, which is reminiscent of BenQ-Siemen’s Black box concept phone seen recently.

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