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Portable and waterproof iPod Outdoor Speaker

portable and waterproof ipod outdoor speaker

Portable and waterproof iPod Outdoor Speaker was designed to be used in outdoor environment. It’s an ideal accessory for the iPod that you can enjoy in the outdoors, and is not only waterproof and dustproof (to IP53 standards), but also shockproof.

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Trimble Yuma – a Computer for Special Tasks

trimble yuma

Trimble, the world leader in outdoor rugged computing, brings you the new Yuma rugged tablet computer, able to withstand even your challenging work environment.

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Oregon Scientific Handheld Altimeter and Digital Compass: Know where you are and plan what you’ll do when outdoors

oregon scientific handheld altimeter and digital compass

Too many people underestimate the usefulness of a handheld altimeter and compass when preparing for an outdoor adventure. By simply clipping this device to your backpack, you can receive constant information regarding your compass heading, altitude, barometric pressure, 12-24 hour advanced forecast and the ambient temperature.

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Never get too much sun with the Minox Suntimer

minox suntimer

It is always important to avoid too much exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun, and the MINOX Suntimer™ is a great tool which will notify the wearer of the maximum amount of time for safe exposure to sunlight.

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Mobile Solar Charger For All Your Gadgets

With the Solar Charger, you can recharge almost any mobile phone, MP3 player or other device, no matter where you are; all you need is a little sunshine!The solar panel is completely self-sufficient, capable of charging itself in the daylight and will store enough power for about two hours of talk time on your mobile, or for six hours of iPod listening time.

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Solar power barbecue

The whole world is looking for ways to become more eco-friendly and utilize renewable energy sources, and now you can do your part by using a solar power barbecue. Requiring only the power of the sun to operate, you’ll never have to go out to refill yet another propane tank.

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Bladez 3D Outdoor Helicopter

Bladez HelicopterThis is the next generation in affordable R/C helicopters! The Bladez 3D Outdoor Helicopter is perfect for intermediate R/C enthusiasts, being able to fly outdoors and sporting a 3-channel control system. The Bladez 3D is ready-to-fly and can provide the excellent handling and precision that you want out of your R/C helicopter.

Not made for the novice pilot, the Bladesz 3D is agile and responsive, making it a great option for the intermediate flyer. Its robust design means it can take some punishment, and you can feel the power that its electric engine provides from the very first time it takes off. Take note, you may want to avoid flying it indoors, its powerful rotors could do some damage in the wrong hands!
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