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Motorola HS1001 – an Android Home Phone

motorola hs1001

Motorola HS1001 is probably a first home phone with a 1.6 Android operating system.

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Puma Phone – an Athlete’s Cell Phone

puma phone

Puma Phone charges from solar energy. It’s definitely designed for athletes so it features a stopwatch and a pedometer, as well as a music player you can use during jogging.

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LG Rhythm – phone that loves music

lg rhythm

The new LG Rhythm cell phone has been specially designed to provide you with a high quality music listening experience wherever you go!

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Samsung S3500 mobile phone with the Fake Call option


The new Samsung S3500 gives you the great opportunity to pretend an unexpected phone call. One of the shortcuts is designated for Fake Call – press it a couple of times and you can get an incoming call alert you can answer.

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Shoe phone

shoe phone

An Australian scientist Paul Gardner-Stephen has designed a phone that can be hidden in… a shoe. The idea was inspired by a spy comedy from 1960s “Get Smart!”.

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The Banana cell phone holder – more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

banana cell phone holder

Your friends may say that you like to monkey around a lot, so why not prove them right by sporting this hilarious banana cell phone cover from Nanaco? You’re sure to attract curious stares from people passing by as you hold a conversation with a banana held to your ear!

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Xaos Gamma – the encrypting phone

xaos gamma

Even is somebody has the means to eavesdrop on your phone conversation, they won’t hear much – only static and meaningless noise. This is how Xaos Gamma works.

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Forget your phone – here comes Nanophone 45LX – a subdermal telephone

nanophone 45lx

Nanophone 45LX will soon revolutionize the world of mobile telephony. Nanophone 45LX – or, in short, NP45LX – is no larger than the tip of a match. Powered by body heat, it will use the body as the aerial, while being completely harmless for the owner. It’s going to be the first generation of devices that will change mobile telephony forever.

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