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Have a comfortable shave anywhere with the Powerplus Piranha Dynamo and rechargeable shaver

powerplus piranha dynamo and rechargeable shaver

Sometimes it can be hard to find someplace to shave, whether you’re constantly travelling or going out camping with the family. With the Piranha, created by the folks at Power Plus, you’ll have a great electric shaver with two flexible changeable shaving heads, and it never needs an outlet to work!

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The Powerful Pedal powered Power generator Power Plus Gazelle gives you power anywhere!

power plus gazelle

The POWER plus  Gazelle is a specially designed unit that houses a pedal-powered power generator, with an AC/DC Powerbank built-in to the unit. With the POWERplus  Gazelle, you can have the power for any of your mobile devices, and many of your household devices, wherever you go!

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Bring a bright light anywhere with the Power Plus Shark Waterproof Wind up Torch and Mobile Charger


You’ll never be stuck blind in the dark again with the Power Plus Shark waterproof wind-up torch, which allows you to carry a bright LED light with you wherever you go. Use it in one of two operating  modes: 2 conventional 5mm LEDs, or a single, powerful 1W LED with a high-beam intensity that is visible from 10 kilometers away!

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