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The Flip FlipShare TV – watch the movies from PC on your TV

the flip flipshare tv

The Flip has developed a wireless TV signal transmitter, which allows a TV to PC connection. Now you can watch comfortably your favorite movies, even though both devices are located in separate rooms.

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NERF N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3 – a new double shooter from Hasbro’s NERF series

nerf n strike switch shot ex 3

Hasbro has just released a new blaster from NERF series, which serves both as a Nintendo Wii controller, as well as a dart blaster, named NERF N-STRIKE SWITCH SHOT EX-3. The device gives an opportunity to train your shooting skills in many ways, e.g. using NERF N-STRIKE game from Electronic Arts.

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Casmobot – a Wii-controlled lawnmower

Employees of a Danish university designed a technological wonder called Casmobot.

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Official Nintendo Wii Wheel: Have even more fun with your Wii racing games


With the Official Nintendo Wii Wheel in your hands, you’ll feel like you’re actually inside of your favourite racing game, screaming down the track at blistering speeds!

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Take control of your car from anywhere with bluetooth auto car remote starter

With the MFC Bluetooth auto car remote starter, you can take control of your car from just about anywhere. This ingenious device allows you to take advantage of a whole host of your car’s features. The unit is capable of remote engine start/cutoff, keyless entry, panic alarm, opening/closing power windows, engine diagnostics and custom features.

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Micro Spy Remote

Have you ever wanted to be a super-spy? Well, every spy needs those gadgets to go with their tuxedo, so here’s an amazing gadget, just for you! The Micro Spy Remote (code-named M-3904-DD920-8903B) is a universal remote, small enough to fit on your keychain (next to your spy-car keys), but powerful enough to control an arsenal of televisions. Its easy to use, just hold down the mute button while the remote tunes itself to your television, and when your TV mutes, you know you’re ready to roll! Take control of almost any television set, but make sure you use your powers only for good (or to keep from getting up when you can’t find your regular TV remote.)
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