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Polish-built Martian Robot Skarabeusz


Skarabeusz is the only European prototype of Martian rover, which takes part in the international competition called University Rover Challenge 2009, organized by The Mars Society. Competition takes place every year on a Utah desert.

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Self-replicating robots will take over the world?

Cornell University researchers have created a machine that can build copies of itself within next 3 minutes. Admittedly the machine is just a proof of concept – it performs no useful function except to self-replicate – but the basic principle could be extended to create robots that could replicate or at least repair themselves while working in space or in hazardous environments.

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Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower: Never Mow The Lawn Yourself Again

friendly robotics rl500 robomower

The Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower may not be the easiest invention to set up, but with just an afternoon’s worth of work out in the sun, you can have an automated lawnmower, capable of cutting your grass with no supervision at all!

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Discovery Robot In My Room will be your kid’s robo-banker!

discovery robot in my room

Now you can give your kids their own robotic banker! This little robot is great for kids ages 8-12, and helps them to learn the importance of saving money by sounding off with more than 50 possible humorous phrases every time a coin is deposited. Your child will be treated to a wise-crack every time they drop in a coin!
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Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot: This robot has got some moves! Lots of them!

Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot

You’ll be amazed at the moves that this new robot, the MechRC, can pull off. Capable of head-stands, backward tumbles and just about any other motion you can program, its balance is incredible, allowing it to perform a variety of complex and impressive moves.

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Hasbro A.M.P. Robot: Can he do the robot? Yes he can!

hasbro amp robot

The new A.M.P. Robot from Hasbro is a new contender in the dancing robot category. This Automated Music Personality (A.M.P.) can dance around to any tunes on your MP3 player, simply plug it in and watch it go!

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Egg robot

The egg robots have landed! Intelligent life from outer space, and of course, they turn out to be real eggheads. The Egg Men hail from the planet Walrus, over two million light-years away, and they come bearing a nutritious gift to share with the planet.

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