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Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR808HG – a solar powered weather station

oregon scientific weather station bar808hg

Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR208HG provides a weather forecast for the next 12 days and weather alerts.

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LG Solar Cell eBook – Solar powered ebook reader

lg-solar cell ebook Solar powered ebook reader

LG Display Unveils “Solar Cell e-Book” – a new e-book reader which features a solar cell. After about 4 to 5 hours in the sun, the solar cell will give the e-book enough power to work for another day.

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Canon X Mark 1 – a solar-powered calculator


Canon X Mark 1 was created for business and professionals. It comes in glossy black or white case and the device itself is thin but solid.  X Mark 1 is also Canon’s first business calculator to work by solar power alone, without the need for back-up batteries which the majority of solar powered calculators on the market include.

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Solar Powered Courtesy Light: Power of the Sun, Available at Night

solar powered courtesy light

If you’re finding your home to be badly lit outdoors once the sun has gone down, then you may want to consider purchasing the Solar Powered Courtesy Light. Not only is it easy to set up, convenient and require only solar power to charge its batteries during the day, but it will help keep you and your family safe when coming home in the evenings.
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Flying Solar Helicopter: Fly to the sun on the power of the sun!


Solar energy is now letting your toys take to the sky, with the flying solar helicopter.

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Samsung Blue Earth – the first solar-powered phone with a touchscreen.

samsung blue earth

Blue Earth is the new phone from the Korean manufacturer and it’s the first solar-powered phone to have a full touchscreen.

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The Amazing Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

This little gadget is quite remarkable: by placing it by a sunlit window for just 24 hours, the solar panel will collect enough energy to turn the axle and rotate the large Swarovski crystal, generating rainbows all around the room. The suction cup mounted on the device allows it to adhere to any glass surface.


Mobile Solar Charger For All Your Gadgets

With the Solar Charger, you can recharge almost any mobile phone, MP3 player or other device, no matter where you are; all you need is a little sunshine!The solar panel is completely self-sufficient, capable of charging itself in the daylight and will store enough power for about two hours of talk time on your mobile, or for six hours of iPod listening time.

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