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Immerz KOR-fx – the New Level of Realistic Experience

immerz kor fx

KOR-fx from Immerz was announced at CES 2010 – the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.

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Shake-N-Wake zZZ – a discreet alarm clock

shake n wake zzz discreet alarm clock

The designers of Shake-N-Wake zZ came up with an idea that vibrations, not sounds will be more effective in waking us from our sleep.

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Blacknote DSS 15

blacknote dss 15

Blacknote Company extends its offer for a new, cheapest D/A converter, DSS 15, allowing playback of music files from a portable flash memory or other physical media such as external hard drives or SD memory card.

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Ceramic Speakers – porcelain and cork speakers for luxury lovers

ceramic speakers joey roth

The simply named Ceramic Speakers from the designer Joey Roth are made from porcelain and cork. According to Roth, the porcelain and cork chamber of the speakers will allow high-resolution sound.

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Oyster Wi-Fi speakers: Set up your sound anywhere you want

oyster wi fi speakers

Specially designed to receive audio music streams from any Wi-Fi enabled device, the Oyster Wi-Fi speaker system, designed by the folks at Avega Systems, requires no messy cables to hook up!

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Logitech Speaker System Z320

logitech speaker system z320

Logitech unveils four new 360-Degree Sound multimedia speaker systems: Logitech Speaker System Z320, Logitech Speaker System Z323, Logitech Speaker System Z520 and Logitech Speaker System Z523.

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Spy on conversations through walls with the Wall Listening Device

listen through walls device

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we really wished that we could listen into a conversation happening on the other side of the wall. With the Wall Listening Device, you now have that power!

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JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds: Comfortable, Quiet Listening Pleasure

jbuds hi fi noise reducing ear buds

If you’re looking for ear buds that are sleek, provide excellent audio range, are comfortable and reduce external noise, then the JBuds are about to become your favorite choice for listening to your iPod or other portable device.

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