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Twinbird Link Zabady – a Bathroom Media Player

twinbird link zabady

Twinbird is another company which expanded their offer with waterproof audio-video devices suitable to use in the bathroom.

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Creative D100 & D200 – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

creative d100 portable bluetooth speaker

Creative has expanded their offer with two new Bluetooth speaker models, designed for those of you who prefer portable devices, e.g. smartphones.

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Toshiba Regza Hello Kitty

toshiba regza hello kitty

Toshiba Regza Hello Kitty looks quite nice with its 19-inch screen, 1366 x 768 resolution, contrast of 1000:1, two HDMI ports, two 3W speakers and a digital tuner.

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Panasonic SC-ZT2 – 3D Wireless Home Theatre

panasonic sc zt2 3D Wireless Home Theatre

The new SC-ZT2 home theatre from Panasonic allows transmitting Full HD 3D signal from the Blu-ray player to any Full HD 3D TV.

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Casio Digital Art Frame – a Digital Piece of Art

casio digital art frame

Casio has just introduced a Digital Art Frame, which differs from other digital frames available on the market in its ability to render your photos into artistic expressions.

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Ceramic Speakers – porcelain and cork speakers for luxury lovers

ceramic speakers joey roth

The simply named Ceramic Speakers from the designer Joey Roth are made from porcelain and cork. According to Roth, the porcelain and cork chamber of the speakers will allow high-resolution sound.

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Philips Cushion Speaker

philips cushion speaker

Philips Cushion Speaker is a speaker, stand and cushion combo. Almost every notebook user has used his notebook in bed or on his laps, which can be really tiring.

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Oyster Wi-Fi speakers: Set up your sound anywhere you want

oyster wi fi speakers

Specially designed to receive audio music streams from any Wi-Fi enabled device, the Oyster Wi-Fi speaker system, designed by the folks at Avega Systems, requires no messy cables to hook up!

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