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Ready for a big game of foosball? Check out the Table Football XXL


Foosball is quite easily described as playing soccer on a small table, but there’s nothing small about this foosball table! The Table Football XXL is enormous by comparison to other tables, allowing for two entire soccer teams (a fully 22 players) to be set against one another, making for some truly epic matches.

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Table Top 20Q – can guess what you have on your mind

Table Top

Everyone has heard of the games 20-Questions. More recently, a website was created, where a computer could play with you, asking questions and oftentimes getting the answer right! Now, that same game can be brought with you anywhere you want, with the Table Top 20Q game.

You can think of anything or anyone, and this little machine will begin asking you its 20 questions. With its 360° dome screen, it is perfect for multiple players, and you’ll be amazed at how smart this game really is! Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful centerpieces for your table with Candle Carver

With the Candle Carver, you can turn apples, pears, squash and a great many other fruits and vegetables into wonderful centerpieces for your table. It carves a hole into the fruit just the right size to hold a tea light, making for a great decorative piece when you serve dinner. It improves the atmosphere and food presentation. With a little imagination, you could use the candle carver to create fun chocolate dipping containers, or unique flower vases.  Read the rest of this entry »

Offside Football Coffee Table

Fotball coffe tableIt’s fun, it’s functional, and it’s fantastic! The Offside Football Coffee Table will make for a great conversational piece in your living room, and while you converse, why not enjoy a game?

Made from Solid Oak and sporting a stylish Stainless Steel frame, topped off with a glass panel to protect the field encased within, the Offside Football Coffee Table looks great in any room or bar. You’ll never want to stop using it, and when you do have to stop, you’ll still have a stylish table brightening up your room!
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