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HANNspree SD8073MR – a multifunctional digital picture frame

hannspree sd8073mr digital picture frame

The Hannspree XV-S SD8073MR 8″ digital photo frame offers a lot more than just displaying a photo.

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Oregon Scientific Handheld Altimeter and Digital Compass: Know where you are and plan what you’ll do when outdoors

oregon scientific handheld altimeter and digital compass

Too many people underestimate the usefulness of a handheld altimeter and compass when preparing for an outdoor adventure. By simply clipping this device to your backpack, you can receive constant information regarding your compass heading, altitude, barometric pressure, 12-24 hour advanced forecast and the ambient temperature.

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Progression Wake-Up Clock

Waking up to the harsh sounds of your alarm clock doesn’t really set you up for a pleasant morning. This innovative wake-up clock uses a gradual increase in ambient lighting, peaceful sounds and stimulating aromas to help gently raise you from your slumber. You can easily set your wake up time, and just place some aromatherapy beads (included with the unit) into the aroma bowl, and select your natural sound setting.
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USB Memory Watch

Ever wished that you could carry your computer files around in something more convenient than that easy-to-misplace memory stick? Well, now you can, with our USB Memory Stick! Keep your files secretly stowed away on your wrist, and look stylish while you’re doing it. Read the rest of this entry »

R2-D2? No! It’s Clocky!


Ever find that you hit the snooze button far too often? Well, consider that a thing of the past after you purchase Clocky, the alarm clock that only lets you hit that button once! After the snooze button is activated and your added naptime has run out, Clocky will actually jump off your nightstand and wheel off in search of a place to hide, beeping the whole time. The only way to get Clocky to be quiet is to get out of bed and chase him down!

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