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Inovalley Watch – best for Travellers

inovalley watch

Having in mind all you travelling maniacs, Inovalley has just introduced their new watch suitable for adventures in the wild nature.

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Digital Compass Watch: Never be lost with this on your wrist

digital compass watch

This isn’t just any ordinary digital watch, this is a Digital Compass Watch! An excellent addition to any mountaineer’s collection of gadgets, this watch will always let you know which way you are going, by providing you with a digital readout of your heading.

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Save all your VHS tapes on your computer with the iConvert Video Converter

iconvert video converter

Many of us have tons of those old VHS video tapes hiding in our homes. Now, you can convert yours to digital format quickly and easily, without a computer with iConvert  Video Converter !

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WiFi Finder Watch: Know when you’re in range

wifi finder watch

In this day and age, there are WiFi signals available everywhere you go, but you don’t always realize it! With the WiFi Finder Watch, you’ll always know when there’s a signal available for you to connect to, without having to whip out your laptop at multiple locations in search of a signal!
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Spark 2008 Award Winner – The Easy-to-Read Haptica Braille Wristwatch


The Haptica Braille timepiece allows the user to get a quick and accurate time reading, taking it a step above previous Braille watches, which simply allow the user to move and feel the watch hands in relation to the watch face, which can be quite difficult to use.

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Never get too much sun with the Minox Suntimer

minox suntimer

It is always important to avoid too much exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun, and the MINOX Suntimer™ is a great tool which will notify the wearer of the maximum amount of time for safe exposure to sunlight.

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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote: All of your remotes in one

logitech harmony one advanced universal remote

The folks at Logitech are constantly striving to make your life easier, and they know how many of us have half a dozen remotes sitting on our coffee tables at home, so they’ve given us the answer to this by producing the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote.

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The Disposable Nail Watch from Timex

Timex is celebrating its 150th Anniversary by creating the Timex2154: THE fUTURE OF TIME global design competition, run in conjunction with Core77. The new TX54 was a runner-up at the event, being a disposable timepiece that is worn on the user’s thumbnail, making it a rather useful fashion accessory.

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