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Twinbird Link Zabady – a Bathroom Media Player

twinbird link zabady

Twinbird is another company which expanded their offer with waterproof audio-video devices suitable to use in the bathroom.

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Portable and waterproof iPod Outdoor Speaker

portable and waterproof ipod outdoor speaker

Portable and waterproof iPod Outdoor Speaker was designed to be used in outdoor environment. It’s an ideal accessory for the iPod that you can enjoy in the outdoors, and is not only waterproof and dustproof (to IP53 standards), but also shockproof.

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Samsung Solid B2100 – the Adventurer’s Cell Phone

samsung solid b2100

B2100 is the newest release of Solid series – the mobile cell phones designed for the most extreme conditions.

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Customizable Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain Provides Your Pet with Clean Water How They Like It

drinkwell 360 water fountain

Just like you, your pet needs to have a healthy supply of water every day, and a water fountain can help keep your pet happy and hydrated. Free-falling water is preferred by most pets over stagnant water like they may get from a feeding bowl, and the Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain works to provide your pet with exactly what they want.

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Orgel Spa Bath Music Box: Fun And Tunes in the Tub

orgel spa bath music box

The Orgel Music Box Spa is both fun and useful, and certainly one of those sorts of things that would only come from the mind of yet another creative Japanese inventor. This mechanical music box has been designed to be used inside of the bathtub, making use of the water to amplify the music and carry the sound into the air. With the built-in three-minute timer for bathtime routines, and being completely submersible (and using only a pull-string to operate), this would be a perfect addition to bathtime, for the kid in all of us.
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The sQuba car is at home on the road or beneath the waves!

squba car

Once the stuff of movie action heroes, the sQuba car has now become the world’s first underwater car!

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Avast! Take to the high sease with your own radio controlled Pirates of the Caribbean Ship!

radio control pirate ship boat

With this fully functional RC pirate ship boat, you’ll feel like strapping on your cutlass and hitting the high seas in search of booty! This particular boat, though, is better equipped to travel around on pools, ponds and smaller lakes, rather than the actual ocean.

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A new spin in water fountain design: displaying text and images!


This isn’t any ordinary water fountain: by using specially designed nozzles and a remote computer control, this amazing gadget can actually display text and images!

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