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Push2TV HD from Netgear

netgear push2tv hd

Netgear has just presented their new Push2TV HD series TV adapter.

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Airnergy Charger – a Charger That Draws Power From Wi-Fi

airnergy charger that draws power from wi fi

Airnergy Charger seems like a dream come true for any of you portable device users. It’s a battery charger which converts Wi-Fi signals to electricity.

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Oyster Wi-Fi speakers: Set up your sound anywhere you want

oyster wi fi speakers

Specially designed to receive audio music streams from any Wi-Fi enabled device, the Oyster Wi-Fi speaker system, designed by the folks at Avega Systems, requires no messy cables to hook up!

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WiFi Signal Booster – Get Up to a 600% Boost!

Sure, if you want a WiFi signal booster, you could dig up some vague instructions on how to build your own, but if you don’t have the time (or aren’t too tech-savvy), this dish adapter can give you super long distance access to your wireless network, increasing signal strength by up to 600%.

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Skype on the go: Netgear wifi skype phone

With the Netgear wifi skype phone, you can talk to other Skype users without having to stay at your computer. The Netgear wifi phone (SPH200W-100NAS) can connect anywhere that there is wireless internet access, meaning that you don’t need to be at a computer to start talking with your friends, and there are no monthly fees involved.

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