This is definitely one of the biggest surprises anyone will ever find in your bathroom: a talking toilet paper holder! With this unique invention, you can record (and re-record) any message, sound or music clip you want, and have it played back automatically whenever the spindle rolls with the toilet paper. This is guaranteed to shock and amaze anyone who enters and is caught unawares!

To use, simple turn on the unit and press the record button, allowing you to record up to 6 seconds of sound. A special motion sensor inside of the spindle acts as a trigger, automatically playing back the recording every time someone spins that toilet paper roll. Tug on that paper, and hear the message! The complete unit fits into all toilet paper roll holders, and once your message is recorded, will work completely automatically. Of course, the possibilities for recordings are only limited by your imagination. This will definitely make for one of the most unique gag gifts ever, making it great for birthdays, Christmas, or anytime at all!