We all remember the Tamagotchi craze which swept around the world several years ago. Now, Bandai (the creators of the Tamagotchi) have unveiled the latest generation, and the Tamagotchis have all grown up now.

The “Tamagotchi Familitchi” is the latest evolution in the Tamagotchi series, now letting you raise three of the little creatures on one screen, and even generate up to seven families. As they grow and learn, they can earn points which you can use to shop around in the Tamagotchi Town, which lets you and other Tamagotchi owners from around the world come together and share your love for the little critters. Of course, you want to make sure that your Tamagotchi doesn’t make the wrong life choices, either, or they might wind up turning into robots.

Tamagotchi Familitchi Marriage Video