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There are always new developments in the world of technology, so we’ve brought you some of the most interesting tidbits of information, to help keep you up-to-date. Be the first to know the latest in hyperspace technology, super lasers and mind-reading devices, because we’ve got it all here (well, not exactly, but it’s cool stuff nonetheless!)

Polish-built Martian Robot Skarabeusz


Skarabeusz is the only European prototype of Martian rover, which takes part in the international competition called University Rover Challenge 2009, organized by The Mars Society. Competition takes place every year on a Utah desert.

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Self-replicating robots will take over the world?

Cornell University researchers have created a machine that can build copies of itself within next 3 minutes. Admittedly the machine is just a proof of concept – it performs no useful function except to self-replicate – but the basic principle could be extended to create robots that could replicate or at least repair themselves while working in space or in hazardous environments.

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Recharge your battery via USB

recharging battery via usb

Gembird have shown their new device in Hannover – a rechargeable battery that can be charged via the USB port. No more chargers that have to be plugged in.

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New Technology Produces The Worlds Thinnest Speakers

worlds thinnest speakers

With the latest advancements in technology, a new material has been developed which is thin, flexible, stretchable, and can be used as a speaker! This means that the material can be inserted in clothing, wallpaper, on the windows or even inside of your ears. Developed by Chinese scientist, this material is made of carbon nanotubes, and make it possible to create the world’s thinnest speakers.

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Hydrogen powered phones coming

Many of us have heard of hydrogen fuel cells for use in cars, but French boffins have come up with an entirely new use for this technology: a backup power source for your mobile phone.Boffins at the Atomic Energy Commission have created a mini hydrogen fuel cell, measuring about the size of your cigarette lighter, and capable of powering your phone when your battery runs out.

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ASUS EZLink world’s first USB wireless network adapter

USB wireless network adapterIf you ask someone what kind of security their wireless network at home uses, most people will stare at you blankly. A great many people neglect their network security at home, and this can lead to trouble which can easily be avoided with just a little preparation.

The recently released ASUS EZLink is a wireless network adapter which lets you create a wireless connection with any compatible component. Better yet, this connection is secure at the touch of a button, because this adapter comes set up with its own security, making use of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected setup).
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Smartphone Samsung i200 – stylish elegance

Samsung i200

The recently announced i200, the latest feather in the cap for Samsung Electronics Co., is a slim and compact smartphone. Its bar-type design and multitude of features make it a great choice for any business professional looking to sport a sleek and stylish mobile phone.

This model supports Windows Mobile 6.1, and comes with a variety of features which are great for business. You can even use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook. The easy-to-use user interface is fantastic, allowing for easy navigation through all of the features in this model. On of the greatest feature is the efficiency of the email features, allowing for HTML format e-mail, fast writing/editing, and even a unified e-mail and SMS/MMS management system. You are instantly notified whenever you’ve got mail!
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