Tools Gadgets

Gadgets can be just as useful to have as they are fun, and these tools gadgets are no different! You’ll be amazed at how these simple gadgets can make your life much easier and save you time, while amazing your friends that see you with them. These tools gadgets make great gifts for anyone, because who wouldn’t want a gadget that makes their life easier, really?

Ryobi TEK4 Durashot

ryobi tek4 durashot

The new Ryobi TEK4 Durashot is a great camera to use in places unfriendly to regular, delicate digital cameras, like for example – a construction site.

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Leatherman Skeletool Multitool: Never leave home without it

leatherman skeletool multitool

With the Leatherman’s Skeletool Multitool , you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to handle almost any job even under survival conditions.

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Zibra ZPCOPEN-OR Open It Universal Package Opener: No More “Wrap Rage”

zibra zpcopen or

Retail packaging can oftentimes be a pain to tear into; all of that plastic and cardboard can sometimes make you feel like the packagers were trying to keep you out of your product! With the “Open It” Universal Package Opener from Zibra, you’ll have a safe and sturdy tool for getting into clam shell packaging with minimal effort or hassle.

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Beyond the Swiss Army Knife: The Micro-Max 19-in-1 Multi-tool


The Micro-Max 19-in-1 Multi-tool is almost like having an entire tool kit in your pocket, and can easily be carried on a keyring, in your backpack or purse, or kept in a glovebox.

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Lil Guppie Multi-tool: Never be caught unprepared again

lil guppie multi tool

You’ll be amazed with the variety of applications for the Lil Guppie Multi-tool! The adjustable wrench can open up to 10mm long, allowing it to be used for a wide variety of light repair/assembly jobs. The carabiner makes it easy to attach this tool to a belt loop or backpack, making it easy to carry around and have on hand when you need it.

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The Ultimate Geek’s Uber Shades

These are, hands down, the coolest shades ever made. Brought to you by Not-So-Bright Sunwear in Germany, the Uber Shades are the geek’s version of the ultimage Swiss Army Knife; they protect your eyes while also containing a host of tools hidden within their frame. Hidden in the frame of these glasses, you’ll find spanners, corkscrews and scissors, as well as combs and even make-up brushes.

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Leatherman Surge

Latherman SurgeThe Leatherman company consistently provides high-quality items that consistently rank well above your expectations, and the Leatherman Surge is another one of those products. Its small size (11.5 centimetre frame) and lightweight design (355 grams) can be quite deceiving, because this is one tool with a lot of features packed into it!

Housed within the Leatherman Surge, you will find a durable set of pliars, long blades and easy-to-use locks. This multi-tool incorporates a unique blade exchanger with saw and diamond/wood file blades.  Four outside-opening blades are positioned on the exterior of the tool, giving you fast access to the tools that you use the most, and the large and small bit drivers come complete with double-ended bits. Topping this all off with Leatherman’s strongest pair of scissors yet, all of these features make the Surge the ultimate tool for any handyman, and you’ll want it at your side for any job.
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