The toothpaste tube has been around for ages, and it is definitely time for an upgrade! Those tubes that you throw always seem to have a fair bit left in them, but it’s always difficult to get that last bit of toothpaste out. Now, an independent inventor has recently received a patent for his creation, a toothbrush with a detachable toothpaste tube squeezer built in. Although it is not currently available in stores, this inventor has high hopes for his creation.

If you think that you could use a more efficient toothpaste ringer, Core77 says (and we agree) that a paint tube ringer is an easy solution to your problem, helping you get the most out of your tube. With a $10 price tag, you might want to think of other uses for it as well, like squeezing paint tubes, super glue or cake frosting, in order to make it worth the purchase, but it certainly is a handy little thing to have around.