Who doesn’t love to play with toys? Bring out your inner child, or find the perfect gift for an actual child in your life! Here you’ll find all kinds of toys, from fun to educational, and all of them are great gift ideas for any child (and many adults!).

Dark Knight Joker Batmat HeadKnocker

Following on the heels of the latest Batman movie crazy comes the Joker Head Knocker, a highly detailed piece modelled after Heath Ledger’s infamous performance as the Clown Prince of Crime. Made from a solid resin mould, the Batman Dark Knight Joker Headknocker paints a not-so-pretty picture of one of Batman’s greatest foes.

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Itsy-Bitsy Spider – cool talking toy

Our favourite web-slinging superhero has learned a few new tricks, it appears! This plush, electronic Spider-Man comes ready to get down and boogie! Press his left foor and he’ll sing the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” song, and if you press his right foot he’ll start to dance along to the Spider-Man & Friends theme song! He’s not all song and dance, though, and will shout out fun phrases like “C’mon, let’s do it again!” and “Would you like to have some fun?”

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Homer Simpson is big, and stretches to inhuman proportions!

Homer Simpson

This lovable Homer Simpson doll can stretch, bend, twist and flex in ways the ‘real’ Homer Simpson never could (he’d have a hard time even touching his toes!)

This will make a great gift for any Simpsons fan, or get one for yourself! Anyone would love to have their own yellow oaf, stripped down to his famous white underpants. This wonderful little Simpsons novelty souvenir measures 380mm, and its specially designed corn syrup innards and flexible material to mean that you can twist, bend, stretch and flex the famous Homer Simpson up to three times his original size. Pretty incredible, considering just how big he is to begin with! Read the rest of this entry »

Pleo dinosaur – get your own!

Pleo Dinosaur

Ever heard of a smart dinosaur? Neither did we, until we met this intelligent toy dinosaur called Pleo! This completely autonomous, absolutely wonderful robotic pet is most definitely one of a kind, unlike any other robotic pet out there. Pleo explores the world around him without any remote control, moves like a real dinosaur and plays with you just like a mini dinosaur! And don’t worry, he won’t wreck the house! Read the rest of this entry »