Travel Gadgets

Many of us will spend a great deal of time on the road, so why not make that time more enjoyable and easy to tolerate with a few travel gadgets? Whether you need something to pass the time or a way to cut down on all that packing, these travel gadgets will help make your life on the road easier and more tolerable.

Inovalley Watch – best for Travellers

inovalley watch

Having in mind all you travelling maniacs, Inovalley has just introduced their new watch suitable for adventures in the wild nature.

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Warpia EasyDock

warpia easydock

Notebooks are irreplaceable for all of you who like (or need) to travel a lot. But behind their main advantage there are little disadvantages, such as small keyboard or a small screen.

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Built Laptop Sleeve


The new Built netbook sleeve gives your laptop protection without unnecessary enlarging its dimensions.

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WowWee Cinemin Swivel – a pocket projector compatible with iPhone and iPod

wowwee cinemin swivel pocket projector compatible with iPhone and iPod

WowWee Cinemin Swivel allows a projection of a 6 to 60-inch image from 6” (15 cm) up to almost 7 ft, has a resolution of 480 x 360, 1000:1contrast and brightness of 8 ANSI. It’s compatible with all iPods, iPhones and the included composite-to-3.5mm cable works well with a wide range of devices that have standard composite AV output.

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Digital Compass Watch: Never be lost with this on your wrist

digital compass watch

This isn’t just any ordinary digital watch, this is a Digital Compass Watch! An excellent addition to any mountaineer’s collection of gadgets, this watch will always let you know which way you are going, by providing you with a digital readout of your heading.

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Leatherman Skeletool Multitool: Never leave home without it

leatherman skeletool multitool

With the Leatherman’s Skeletool Multitool , you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to handle almost any job even under survival conditions.

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Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger: Harness the power of the wind

mini wind generator battery charger

Solar-powered battery chargers have become quite popular, but the environmentalist inventors haven’t stopped there! Check out the new Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger!
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Kingston DataTraveler 200 – 128 GB flash memory

kingston datatraveler 200 flash memory

Kingston DataTaveler 200, by Kingston Technology, is the world’s first USB flash memory with the capacity of 128GB.
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