Digital voice recorderLightweight and stylish! Those are the two words that best describe the new Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder. So many features have never been seen in something so small! If you want features, quality recording and ease of use in a package so small it will blow your mind, look no further because this is the recorder for you!

Measuring no bigger than your credit card, this recorder can store up to 1GB of recordings, and you can easily upload it to your computer via its convenient flip-out USB connector. The controls are flush-mounted and easy to use, and it doesn’t only work as a recorder! Capable of storing MP3s and other files, you can use it as a music player or to store those important files of yours.

Recordings are made in high-quality WAV format, and you can easily copy or delete these files with any USB storage device. Of course, the greatest feature is still the incredibly small size of this fantastic device. Weighing in at only 36 grams, able to take up to 69 hours worth of recordings, and with a built-in Li-Ion battery that recharges directly off of the USB connection, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

source: thinkgeek