CD / DVD shredder data destroyer

With the digital age well under way, the days of the paper-shredder are coming to an end. But how do you keep sensitive documents on CDs and DVDs safe once you’re ready to dispose of them? Simply breaking them can be dangerous, and throwing them away whole doesn’t keep your information safe. The USB Powered CD/DVD shredder data destroyer can provide the answer that you are looking for. Ideal for destroying the data on a CD/DVD, it uses three carbon steel knurled points to permanently destroy the surface of any CD or DVD, rendering them unreadable within 5 seconds. This quickly and conveniently allows you to prevent anyone from reading your sensitive data.

CD / DVD shredder data destroyer specification

  • USB Powered: 5V, 500mA USB bus power
  • Render any CD/DVD disc unreadable by creates circular pattern on disc surface
  • Applicable for CD/DVD/CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW,DVD-RAM,DVD-ROM
  • Five seconds all data on the CD/DVD will be completely destruction
  • Lifetime – Consume at least 100,000 pieces CD/DVD disc.
  • USB power cable length: 50cm
  • Dimension: 60 x 120 x 50mm
  • Weight: 130g

Kit includes:

  • USB Powered CD/DVD shredder data destroyer
  • USB Power Cable
  • Leather Carrying Case