Digital microscopeThere is a whole world waiting to be discovered with the USB digital microscope! Capable of taking phenomenal high-quality images and even video, and uploading them directly to your computer via its USB cable, this microscope will open your eyes. You can take a close look at fingerprints, or collect specimens to examine from around your home. Wherever your curiosity leads you, the USB digital microscope is the tool that lets you explore the microscopic world around you!
Not only is this microscope incredible, but it’s incredibly easy to use as well! Plug-and-play software comes included with your purchase, so you can start taking snapshots and videos at up to 200X magnification in to time at all. Detach the microscope from the stand to move it closer to whatever interests you, and you can use graphical software to touch up and manipulate the photos for even more fun! Guaranteed to open your eyes!

Source: thinkgeek