USB Gadgets

Perhaps one of the most useful options on any computer is the USB port, which seem capable of doing almost anything with the right USB gadget plugged in. Take a look at some of these amazing USB gadgets, you’ll be amazed at what you find in here; we certainly never imagined that the USB port could be so versatile!

Delock USB microscope

delock usb microscope

Delock’s handy USB2.0 microscope comes equipped with a built-in LED illumination.

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USB Hand Warmer and Massager

usb hand warmer and massager

It is a great USB gadget for you if your hands get cold while working on your PC or if you just like to give yourself a nice relaxing massage.

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Cowon iAudio E2 Don’t forget me

cowon iaudio e2 dont forget me
Cowon, a South Korean manufacturer of music players, released the new version of iAudio E2 player.

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USB Desktop Coffee Maker: Your personal coffee maker at your desk

usb desktop coffee maker

If you love your coffee, but frequently find yourself too busy at your desk to be able to get up to get another cup, then you’re going to love the USB Desktop Coffee Maker! This simple little coffee maker may not have many of the frills that you’d find on other units, but it gets the job done, and that’s what counts.
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USB Missile Launcher with Webcam

usb missile launcher with webcam

Don’t worry, it’s just a USB key, not a deadly weapon! Still the USB missile launcher looks like a miniaturized rocket launcher, but houses a webcam instead of a deadly payload.

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USB Speedometer: Check your typing speed

usb speedometer

If you’re someone who wants to monitor how quickly they can type while working throughout the day, then you’re going to love the USB Speedometer.

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i.Saw – an USB chainsaw


i.Saw is compact and provides a lot of mobility. It is made of plastic and light metal alloys.

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Transformers Flash Drive

transformers flash drive

The Transformers Flash drive is a new gadget for every Transformers fan.

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