Ever wished that you could carry your computer files around in something more convenient than that easy-to-misplace memory stick? Well, now you can, with our USB Memory Stick! Keep your files secretly stowed away on your wrist, and look stylish while you’re doing it.

This watch doesn’t just tell time, it also keeps your valuable data files save and close on hand. It will hold 2GB or 4 GB worth of your favorite MP3s, images, or anything else you want. The USB Memory Watch comes complete with a built-in USB connector, allowing you to transfer your files to any computer anywhere, with almost any operating system. The built-in USB connector is stored inside the watch band, allowing you to make a quick connection with any computer. An LED light on the watch lets you know that the device is working.  With its sleek looks, comfortable band and lightweight design, the USB Memory Watch feels no different than your ordinary watches: only you’ll know the difference!