Vehicle Gadgets

Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars, so why not spruce up your ride with a couple of these great vehicle gadgets? With great little devices which can make the ride more enjoyable for everyone in the car, this site brings forward some of the greatest and most popular vehicle gadgets available. These gadgets can expand the capabilities of your car already, or give it something completely new. They also make for great gifts for any road warrior that you know!

Mercedes CLK GTR

mercedes clk gtr4
In the 90’s Mercedes-AMG manufactured only 26 road GTRs. The road going version wasn’t much different than the original racing version.

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Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle: Convenient Transportation You Can Take With You

strida 5 0 folding bicycle

The Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle, manufactured by Taiwanese Ming-cycle,  gives you the convenience to both go where you want and to take it with you wherever you go! Mind-blowing concept, we know. This bicycle has a rustproof aluminum frame that can handle up to a 250lb load, with an additional 30lb capacity on the luggage rack.

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The sQuba car is at home on the road or beneath the waves!

squba car

Once the stuff of movie action heroes, the sQuba car has now become the world’s first underwater car!

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Spyder can-am roadster

Brought to you by Bombardier Recreational Products, the Can-Am Spyder was released in 2007. Its design is a fusion of the modern snowmobile with an ATV-like chassis, driven by a single rear-drive wheel, and using two wheels at the front for steering and stability. The stability is further improved by a stability system, or VSS, that continuously monitors the position of the wheels, and is able to intervene if one of your front wheels lifts off of the ground, applying brakes and cutting the engine on your outer wheel. Developed by a team of more than 30 Bombardier engineers, technicians, designers, mechanics and buyers out in Valcourt, Quebec, the final product is truly a masterpiece of engineering.

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