Video Gadgets

With video gadgets, your viewing experience can be greatly improved with little investment in time or money! Whether you’re watching the latest films, looking up YouTube clips or showing off family videos, these video gadgets should make for an interesting viewing experience.

Hewlett-Packard HP MP-200 – Full HD multimedia player

hewlett packard hp mp 200 full hd-multimedia-player

Multimedia player Hewlett-Packard HP MP-200 is intended for home users and comes with autoplay option for movies and pictures.

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Buffalo Japan HD-LBU2/V – record your favorite programs from your TV

buffalo japan hd lbu2 v

Some of the newest TV models have USB connector, and some even have a hard drive to store your favorite programs. If you are unlucky enough to have a plain TV without those options, you can use an external hard drive HD-LBU2/V from Buffalo Japan to record videos right from your HDTV.

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Toffy TF62-DMC – pocket camera for women

toffy tf62 dmc

The new TF62-DMC pocket camera is now available on the Japanese market. This little thing weights only 100 g and comes in four color versions: pink, green, brown and white.
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Panasonic VIERA DMP-BV200 – a Portable TV

panasonic viera dmp bv200

Panasonic Japan has expanded their offer with two new models of portable terrestrial digital TVs – VIERA DMP-BV200 and VIERA DMP-HV100.

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Muvi Atom – the Smallest Digicam in the World

muvi atom

Muvi Atom is according to the manufacturer, the smallest digicam in the world. Is has dimensions of only 2x4x1.5cm.

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Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000

microsoft lifecam hd 5000

Microsoft has just announced its new HD LifeCam HD-5000 webcam with TrueColor technology.

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The Flip FlipShare TV – watch the movies from PC on your TV

the flip flipshare tv

The Flip has developed a wireless TV signal transmitter, which allows a TV to PC connection. Now you can watch comfortably your favorite movies, even though both devices are located in separate rooms.

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Hallods F43 MP4 – a portable multimedia player with HD screen

hallods f43 mp4 portable multimedia player with hd screen

The new Hallods F43 MP4 is probably the first ever portable multimedia player with a HD screen allowing to play movies in 1280 x 720 resolution.

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