Waterproof Gadgets

Technology is great, but we’re frequently afraid of taking our expensive gadgets anywhere near water, since that will generally end badly. Fortunately, here you’ll find a variety of waterproof gadgets, allowing you to boldly go with your gadgets where you never thought was possible before! Whether at the pool, water park or just out in the rain, these gadgets are safe with you!

iDuck – wireless waterproof speaker


A brand new approach to the the common bathing gadget, the yellow duck – iDuck. It’s waterproof, it floats and it sings. Well, not exactly sings but it allows you to listen to music while in the bathtub.

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Waterproof Digital Camera: Capture all those wet and wild moments!

Waterproof Digital Camera

Digital cameras are a great way to capture any special moment, and we love to take them anywhere we go. One limitation has oftentimes been the water-park, or anywhere else that our camera might get wet, but with the Hero III Waterproof Digital Wrist Camera, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. With the convenient watch strap, you can take this little device with you anywhere, and don’t need a spare hand to have it ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

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Keeping your iPhone or iPod dry with the OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Case

OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Case

Water is the #1 enemy of most electronic devices, and we’ve all been in situations where we’ve worried about getting our phone, camera or MP3 player wet. Now, with the OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Case, you won’t have to worry anymore, as it is 100% waterproof, protecting your favourite gadgets from the water, and it even floats to make retrieval that much easier.

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Wonderfully Waterproof CD player

Using new technology, there is finally a waterproof CD player that can not only give you peace of mind around the pool or beach, but also great high-quality sound as well. Using stereo speakers and aluminum cone drivers, this unit delivers very clear sound, and is capable of reading CD/CD-RWs, and even MP3s. You can also go through 99 albums and 255 tracks, allowing you to listen to up to 12 hours of your favourite music.
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Take underwater photos with Pentax Optio W60 compact digital camera


With the of the PENTAX Optio W60 compact digital camera, you won’t have to worry about getting your camera wet anymore; you’ll be able to take it right into the water with you! We may be used to those large, clunky waterproof camera designs, so the slim look and feel of the Optio W60 is a welcome change.

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