Every geek has a soft spot in his or her heart for Star Wars, and now they can merge their love for this epic movie with their passion for surfing the web and chatting with friends; the TIE Fighter webcam has arrived! It’s a must-have accessory for any Star Wars fan, but also a serious video conferencing tool.

The great design actually incorporates the LEDs into the model’s laser cannons, so you’ll know when you’re broadcasting live (and in Darth Vader’s sights!) The LEDs are bright enough to make it easier for your camera to capture your image, which is a big improvement over many other webcams, since they are notorious for not being able to see well in the dark. The camera also comes complete with several Star Wars sound effects, capable of providing you with the right ambience while chatting with your friends in lands far, far away.
The TIE webcam can shoot full-screen video and take still images, and comes complete with a built-in microphone and clip for quick and easy installation. Retails for about $40 US.