wifi finder watch

In this day and age, there are WiFi signals available everywhere you go, but you don’t always realize it! With the WiFi Finder Watch, you’ll always know when there’s a signal available for you to connect to, without having to whip out your laptop at multiple locations in search of a signal!

Whether you’re at a cafe, a public hotspot or just trying to bum a signal from a neighbour, this watch will tell you if there is a wireless internet access point available anywhere within a 100 meter radius. Just a glance at your watch is all you need to know if there is internet connectivity available!

The watch comes in black, and comes with all of the other features common to wrist watches, such as an alarm and countdown function, an hourly chime and a chronometer. But shockproof and water proof up to 100 meters below the surface, this is a great gadget to have on hand!