wii cyberbike

The newest Wii Cyberbike game has just appeared on the market and it has a stationary bike as a controller.

The Cyberbike game allows you to take a family trip through the Cyclo planet using different vehicles. Your job as a player is to clean the world of all its pollution. The pollution can be found on the land, in the air and also in the water and to remove them you will need to use the vehicles offered in the game. The virtual landscape is displayed with the speed of cycling.

More realism is offered through the original controller, introduced for the first time – a stationary bike. By using it you can move and control all the vehicles in the game, and for the best comfort of gaming you can adjust the height of the wheel and saddle. The cable is 3 meters long and the bike was designed for players of weight up to 209 lbs/95 kg.

Via Zath