Wireless Gadgets

Wireless has become the wave of the future, and these great wireless gadgets take full advantage of our wireless world. Now you can communicate with people from around the world, without ever needing to be stuck to a desktop computer or telephone line. You can even download books and articles, or even videos from anywhere you travel. Make sure you check out the power of some of these amazing wireless gadgets.

Netgear EVA2000 – HD movies directly from Internet on your home TV

netgear eva2000

EVA2000 is a small device which looks like a regular router and allows the user to enjoy the multimedia stored on the PC or external USB on the big screen TV.

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Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Centre WMR200 : BE the weatherman with this system!

oregon scientific professional weather centre wmr200

Now you can get up-to-date, local weather information with measurements taken right from your own backyard! With the Weather Centre WMR200, you can capture over 10 different weather measurements from up to 300 feet away!

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WiFi Finder Watch: Know when you’re in range

wifi finder watch

In this day and age, there are WiFi signals available everywhere you go, but you don’t always realize it! With the WiFi Finder Watch, you’ll always know when there’s a signal available for you to connect to, without having to whip out your laptop at multiple locations in search of a signal!
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Tracer Wireless Remote Power Control 1,8m

Tracer Wireless Remote Power Control 1,8m is a unique product –  a remote controlled power strip.

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Bandai Smart Berry will inspire future generations of female executives!

bandai smart berry

In an effort to provide stronger role models and inspirational toys for young girls in Japan, the people over at Bandai have created their new mobile communicator, the “Smart Berry”, which bares a striking resemblance to a Mylo, but with a new pastel color paint job. It comes with a touchscreen LCD panel (2”x1.4”), a slide-out keyboard and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for easy e-mail access chatting and playing of online games.

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Belkin N1 – The First Wireless Router with Integrated Network Information Display

The latest wireless router from Belkin, the N1 Vision, has incorporated a display which allows you to easily monitor all activity on your network. The sleek new design looks great, and offers excellent networking performance, complete with 802.11n* 3×3 MIMO radio design and wired gigabit ports.

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Wireless Racing Wheel for XBOX 360

The new XBOX 360 Wireless Racing Wheel incorporates the latest set of technological innovations into a first-of-its-kind gaming accessory. Combining real-world automotive design cues with an ergonomic design approach, this unit offers an unparalleled and authentic racing experience.

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HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit

HP Printing KitDo you hate that tangle of wires running around your computer? Do the cables around your workspace look like a tangled mess? The HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit will help to cut back on that messy problem. You can easily set this up in your home or office, allowing you to print wirelessly from anywhere nearby. Pre-configured for ease of use and security, this advanced kit can be used for printing, scanning and a variety of other features your printer is capable of. Read the rest of this entry »