Using new technology, there is finally a waterproof CD player that can not only give you peace of mind around the pool or beach, but also great high-quality sound as well. Using stereo speakers and aluminum cone drivers, this unit delivers very clear sound, and is capable of reading CD/CD-RWs, and even MP3s. You can also go through 99 albums and 255 tracks, allowing you to listen to up to 12 hours of your favourite music.

The anti-skip protection (40 seconds) with the CD player and 2 minute protection for your MP3-encoded CDs, you’ll never miss a beat, and the digital AM/FM radio tuner has 30 presets and a broadcast TV-audio band as well. Wherever you go, you can listen to your favourites, and never worry about it getting wet. The ramp up alarm clock with LCD display, timer and snooze functions are an added bonus, and it can even show indoor temperature and the date. All of these features, packed into a waterproof shell, make this a highly recommended CD player for anyone.